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11:38 pm zrouter Wiki edit: Wiki (#28)
Add link to right wiki page


11:43 pm zrouter Wiki edit: FAQ (#1)
11:30 pm zrouter Wiki edit: Quotes (#2)
11:27 pm zrouter Wiki edit: Quotes (#1)


02:23 pm zconf++ Bug #18 (New): Don't write action nodes by default when writing JSON
Action nodes should be filtered so frontend doesn't see "ghost" entries in tree.
01:59 pm zconf++ Feature #17 (New): Allow zconf++ to serve files from archives
To save flash space it would make sense to allow zconf++ to detect any pre-compressed files when a url is requested.
01:56 pm zconf++ Feature #16 (New): Add support for http compression
To save bandwidth make support for deflate and gzip for most common browsers.


12:50 pm zrouter Revision 246:9b25176937df: Switch now requires miibus.
OOO commit for: ray (at) terran (dot) dlink (dot) ua
(Out Of Office)


08:10 pm zconf++ Wiki edit: Wiki (#1)
Initial version.


06:52 pm zrouter Wiki edit: Sponsors (#1)
Initial version of sponsors page

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