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This package provides a way to use the native IPsec functionality 
in the Linux 2.6+ kernel. It works as well on NetBSD and FreeBSD.

	- libipsec, a PF_KEYv2 library
	- setkey, a tool to directly manipulate policies and SAs
	- racoon, an IKEv1 keying daemon

IPsec-tools were ported to Linux from the KAME project 
( by Derek Atkins  <[email protected]>.

Currently the package is actively maintained and developed 
by Michal Ludvig <[email protected]>, Aidas Kasparas <[email protected]>
Emmanuel Dreyfus <[email protected]>, VANHULLEBUS Yvan <[email protected]>,
and Fred Senault <[email protected]>.

Sources can be found at the IPsec-Tools home page at:

Please report any problems to the mailing list:
	[email protected]
	[email protected]

You can also browse the list archive:

	IHTFP Consulting, see
	SUSE Linux AG, see