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author Aleksandr Rybalko <>
date Thu, 13 Sep 2012 23:29:54 +0300
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version 2.57
	    Add patches to allow build under Android.

	    Provide our own header for the DNS protocol, rather than
	    relying on arpa/nameser.h. This has proved more or less
	    defective over the years and the final straw is that it's
	    effectively empty on Android.

	    Fix regression in 2.56 which caused hex constants in
	    configuration to be rejected if they contain the '*'

	    Correct wrong casts of arguments to ctype.h functions,
	    isdigit(), isxdigit() etc. Thanks to Matthias Andree for
	    spotting this.

	    Allow build with IDN support independently from i18n. 
            IDN support continues to be included automatically 
	    when i18n is included. 
            'make COPTS=-DHAVE_IDN' is the magic incantation. 

	    Modify check on extraneous command line junk (added in
	    2.56) so that it doesn't complain about extra _empty_ 
	    arguments. Otherwise this breaks libvirt.

version 2.56
            Add a patch to allow dnsmasq to get interface names right in a
            Solaris zone. Thanks to Dj Padzensky for this.

	    Improve data-type parsing heuristics so that
	    treats the value as a string and not an IP address.
	    Thanks to Clemens Fischer for spotting that.

	    Add IPv6 support to the TFTP server. Many thanks to Jan 
	    'RedBully' Seiffert for the patches.
	    Log DNS queries at level LOG_INFO, rather then
	    LOG_DEBUG. This makes things consistent with DHCP
	    logging. Thanks to Adam Pribyl for spotting the problem.

            Ensure that dnsmasq terminates cleanly when using
            --syslog-async even if it cannot make a connection to the

	    Add --add-mac option. This is to support currently 
	    experimental DNS filtering facilities. Thanks to Benjamin
	    Petrin for the orignal patch. 

	    Fix bug which meant that tags were ignored in dhcp-range
	    configuration specifying PXE-proxy service. Thanks to
	    Cristiano Cumer for spotting this.

	    Raise an error if there is extra junk, not part of an
 	    option, on the command line.

	    Flag a couple of log messages in cache.c as coming from
	    the DHCP subsystem. Thanks to Olaf Westrik for the patch.

	    Omit timestamps from logs when a) logging to stderr and 
	    b) --keep-in-forground is set. The logging facility on the
	    other end of stderr can be assumned to supply them. Thanks
	    to John Hallam for the patch.

	    Don't complain about strings longer than 255 characters in
	    --txt-record, just split the long strings into 255
	    character chunks instead.

	    Fix crash on double-free. This bug can only happen when
	    dhcp-script is in use and then only in rare circumstances
	    triggered by high DHCP transaction rate and a slow
	    script. Thanks to Ferenc Wagner for finding the problem.

	    Only log that a file has been sent by TFTP after the
	    transfer has completed succesfully. 

	    A good suggestion from Ferenc Wagner: extend
	    the --domain option to allow this sort of thing:
	    which automatically creates

	    Tighten up syntax checking of hex contants in the config
	    file.  Thanks to Fred Damen for spotting this.

	    Add dnsmasq logo/icon, contributed by Justin Swift. Many
	    thanks for that.

	    Never cache DNS replies which have the 'cd' bit set, or
	    which result from queries forwarded with the 'cd' bit
	    set. The 'cd' bit instructs a DNSSEC validating server
	    upstream to ignore signature failures and return replies
	    anyway. Without this change it's possible to pollute the
	    dnsmasq cache with bad data by making a query with the
	    'cd' bit set and subsequent queries would return this data
	    without its being marked as suspect. Thanks to Anders
	    Kaseorg for pointing out this problem.

	    Add --proxy-dnssec flag, for compliance with RFC
	    4035. Dnsmasq will now clear the 'ad' bit in answers returned
	    from upstream validating nameservers unless this option is

	    Allow a filename of "-" for --conf-file to read
	    stdin. Suggestion from Timothy Redaelli.

	    Rotate the order of SRV records in replies, to provide
	    round-robin load balancing when all the priorities are
	    equal. Thanks to Peter McKinney for the suggestion.	

	    so that it doesn't log all queries to a file by
	    default. Thanks again to Peter McKinney.    

	    By default, setting an IPv4 address for a domain but not
	    an IPv6 address causes dnsmasq to return
	    an NODATA reply for IPv6 (or vice-versa). So
	    --address=/ stops IPv6 queries for
	    * from being forwarded. Make it possible to
	    override this behaviour by defining the sematics if the
	    same domain appears in  both --server and --address.
	    In that case, the --address has priority for the address
	    family in which is appears, but the --server has priority
	    of the address family which doesn't appear in --adddress  
	    will return for IPv4 queries for * but
	    forward IPv6 queries to the normal upstream nameserver.
	    Similarly when setting an IPv6 address
	    only this will allow forwarding of IPv4 queries. Thanks to
	    William for pointing out the need for this.

	    Allow more than one --dhcp-optsfile and --dhcp-hostsfile
	    and make them understand directories as arguments in the
	    same way as --addn-hosts. Suggestion from John Hanks. 

	    Ignore rebinding requests for leases we don't know
	    about. Rebind is broadcast, so we might get to overhear a
	    request meant for another DHCP server. NAKing this is
	    wrong. Thanks to Brad D'Hondt for assistance with this.

            Fix cosmetic bug which produced strange output when
            dumping cache statistics with some configurations. Thanks
            to Fedor Kozhevnikov for spotting this.

version 2.55
            Fix crash when /etc/ethers is in use. Thanks to 
	    Gianluigi Tiesi for finding this.

	    Fix crash in netlink_multicast(). Thanks to Arno Wald for
	    finding this one.

	    Allow the empty domain "." in dhcp domain-search (119)

version 2.54
            There is no version 2.54 to avoid confusion with 2.53,
            which incorrectly identifies itself as 2.54.

version 2.53
            Fix failure to compile on Debian/kFreeBSD. Thanks to 
	    Axel Beckert and Petr Salinger.

	    Fix code to avoid scary strict-aliasing warnings
	    generated by gcc 4.4.
	    Added FAQ entry warning about DHCP failures with Vista
	    when firewalls block
	    Fixed bug which caused bad things to happen if a 
	    resolv.conf file which exists is subsequently removed.
	    Thanks to Nikolai Saoukh for the patch.

	    Rationalised the DHCP tag system. Every configuration item
	    which can set a tag does so by adding "set:<tag>" and
	    every configuration item which is conditional on a tag is
	    made so by "tag:<tag>". The NOT operator changes to '!',
	    which is a bit more intuitive too. Dhcp-host directives
	    can set more than one tag now. The old '#' NOT, 
	    "net:" prefix and no-prefixes are still honoured, so 
	    no existing config file needs to be changed, but 
	    the documentation and new-style config files should be 
	    much less confusing. 

	    Added --tag-if to allow boolean operations on tags. 
	    This allows complicated logic to be clearer and more 
	    general. A great suggestion from Richard Voigt. 

	    Add broadcast/unicast information to DHCP logging.

	    Allow --dhcp-broadcast to be unconditional.

	    Fixed incorrect behaviour with NOT <tag> conditionals in
	    dhcp-options. Thanks to Max Turkewitz for assistance
	    finding this.

	    If we send vendor-class encapsulated options based on the
	    vendor-class supplied by the client, and no explicit 
	    vendor-class option is given, echo back the vendor-class
	    from the client.
	    Fix bug which stopped dnsmasq from matching both a
	    circuitid and a remoteid. Thanks to Ignacio Bravo for
	    finding this.

	    Add --dhcp-proxy, which makes it possible to configure
	    dnsmasq to use a DHCP relay agent as a full proxy, with
	    all DHCP messages passing through the proxy. This is
	    useful if the relay adds extra information to the packets
	    it forwards, but cannot be configured with the RFC 5107 
	    server-override option.

	    Added interface:<iface name> part to dhcp-range. The
	    semantics of this are very odd at first sight, but it
	    allows a single line  of the form
	    to be added to dnsmasq configuration which then supplies
	    DHCP and DNS services to that interface, without affecting
	    what services are supplied to other interfaces and 
	    irrespective of the existance or lack of 
            lines elsewhere in the dnsmasq configuration. The idea is
	    that such a line can be added automatically by libvirt
	    or equivalent systems, without disturbing any manual

	    Similarly to the above, allow --enable-tftp=<interface>

	    Allow a TFTP root to be set separately for requests via
	    different interfaces, --tftp-root=<path>,<interface>	     

	    Correctly handle and log clashes between CNAMES and 
	    DNS names being given to DHCP leases. This fixes a bug 
	    which caused nonsense IP addresses to be logged. Thanks to 
            Sergei Zhirikov for finding and analysing the problem.

	    Tweak flush_log so as to avoid leaving the log
	    file in non-blocking mode. O_NONBLOCK is a property of the
	    file, not the process/descriptor.

	    Fix contrib/Solaris10/create_package
	    (/usr/man -> /usr/share/man) Thanks to Vita Batrla.

	    Fix a problem where, if a client got a lease, then went
	    to another subnet and got another lease, then moved back,
	    it couldn't resume the old lease, but would instead get 
	    a new address. Thanks to Leonardo Rodrigues for spotting
	    this and testing the fix.
	    Fix weird bug which sometimes omitted certain characters
	    from the start of quoted strings in dhcp-options. Thanks
	    to Dayton Turner for spotting the problem.

	    Add facility to redirect some domains to the standard
	    upstream servers: this allows something like 
	    --server=/ --server=/
	    which will send queries for * to,
	    except * which will be forwarded as usual.
	    Thanks to AJ Weber for prompting this addition.
	    Improve the hash-algorithm used to generate IP addresses
	    from MAC addresses during initial DHCP address
	    allocation. This improves performance when large numbers
	    of hosts with similar MAC addresses all try and get an IP
	    address at the same time. Thanks to Paul Smith for his
	    work on this.

	    Tweak DHCP code so that --bridge-interface can be used to
	    select which IP alias of an interface should be used for
	    DHCP purposes on Linux. If eth0 has an alias eth0:dhcp
	    then adding  --bridge-interface=eth0:dhcp,eth0 will use 
	    the address of eth0:dhcp to determine the correct subnet 
	    for DHCP address allocation. Thanks to Pawel Golaszewski 
            for prompting this and Eric Cooper for further testing.

	    Add --dhcp-generate-names. Suggestion by Ferenc Wagner.

	    Tweak DNS server selection algorithm when there is more
	    than one server available for a domain, eg.
	    Thanks to Alberto Cuesta-Canada for spotting a weakness

	    Add --max-ttl. Thanks to Fredrik Ringertz for the patch.

	    Allow --log-facility=- to force all logging to
	    stderr. Suggestion from Clemens Fischer.

	    Fix regression which caused configuration like
	    --address=/ to be rejected. The dot to the 
	    left of the domain has been implied and not required for a
	    long time, but it should be accepted for backward
	    compatibility. Thanks to Andrew Burcin for spotting this.
            Add --rebind-domain-ok and --rebind-localhost-ok.
	    Suggestion from Clemens Fischer.

	    Log replies to queries of type TXT, when --log-queries 
	    is set.

	    Fix compiler warnings when compiled with -DNO_DHCP. Thanks
	    to Shantanu Gadgil for the patch.

            Updated French translation. Thanks to Gildas Le Nadan.

	    Updated Polish translation. Thanks to Jan Psota.

	    Updated German translation. Thanks to Matthias Andree.

	    Added contrib/static-arp, thanks to Darren Hoo.
	    Fix corruption of the domain when a name from /etc/hosts
	    overrides one supplied by a DHCP client. Thanks to Fedor
	    Kozhevnikov for spotting the problem.

            Updated Spanish translation. Thanks to Chris Chatham.

version 2.52
            Work around a Linux kernel bug which insists that the 
	    length of the option passed to setsockopt must be at least
            sizeof(int) bytes, even if we're calling SO_BINDTODEVICE
            and the device name is "lo".  Note that this is fixed 
	    in kernel 2.6.31, but the workaround is harmless and 
	    allows earlier kernels to be used. Also fix dnsmasq 
	    bug which reported the wrong address when this failed. 
	    Thanks to Fedor for finding this.

	    The API for IPv6 PKTINFO changed around Linux kernel
	    2.6.14. Workaround the case where dnsmasq is compiled
	    against newer headers, but then run on an old kernel:
	    necessary for some *WRT distros.

	    Re-read the set of network interfaces when re-loading
	    /etc/resolv.conf if --bind-interfaces is not set. This
	    handles the case that loopback interfaces do not exist
	    when dnsmasq is first started.

	    Tweak the PXE code to support port 4011. This should
	    reduce broadcasts and make things more reliable when other
	    servers are around. It also improves inter-operability
	    with certain clients.

	    Make a pxe-service configuration with no filename or boot 
	    service type legal: this does a local boot. eg.
	    pxe-service=x86PC, "Local boot" 

	    Be more conservative in detecting "A for A"
	    queries. Dnsmasq checks if the name in a type=A query looks
	    like a dotted-quad IP address and answers the query itself
	    if so, rather than forwarding it. Previously dnsmasq
	    relied in the library function inet_addr() to convert
	    addresses, and that will accept some things which are
	    confusing in this context, like 1.2.3 or even just
	    1234. Now we only do A for A processing for four decimal
	    numbers delimited by dots.

	    A couple of tweaks to fix compilation on Solaris. Thanks
	    to Joel Macklow for help with this.

	    Another Solaris compilation tweak, needed for Solaris
	    2009.06. Thanks to Lee Essen for that.

	    Added extract packaging stuff from Lee Essen to 
            Increased the default limit on number of leases to 1000
            (from 150). This is mainly a defence against DoS attacks,
            and for the average "one for two class C networks"
            installation, IP address exhaustion does that just as
            well. Making the limit greater than the number of IP
            addresses available in such an installation removes a
            surprise which otherwise can catch people out.

	    Removed extraneous trailing space in the value of the
	    DNSMASQ_LEASE_EXPIRES environment variables. Thanks to
	    Gildas Le Nadan for spotting this.

	    Provide the network-id tags for a DHCP transaction to 
	    the lease-change script in the environment variable
	    DNSMASQ_TAGS. A good suggestion from Gildas Le Nadan.  

	    Add support for RFC3925 "Vendor-Identifying Vendor
	    Options". The syntax looks like this:  
	    --dhcp-option=vi-encap:<enterprise number>, .........

	    Add support to --dhcp-match to allow matching against
	    RFC3925 "Vendor-Identifying Vendor Classes". The syntax
	    looks like this:
	    --dhcp-match=tag,vi-encap<enterprise number>, <value>
	    Add some application specific code to assist in
	    implementing the Broadband forum TR069 CPE-WAN
	    specification. The details are in contrib/CPE-WAN/README

	    Increase the default DNS packet size limit to 4096, as
	    recommended by RFC5625 section 4.4.3. This can be
	    reconfigured using --edns-packet-max if needed. Thanks to
	    Francis Dupont for pointing this out.

	    Rewrite query-ids even for TSIG signed packets, since
	    this is allowed by RFC5625 section 4.5.
	    Use getopt_long by default on OS X. It has been supported
	    since version 10.3.0. Thanks to Arek Dreyer for spotting

	    Added up-to-date startup configuration for MacOSX/launchd
	    in contrib/MacOSX-launchd. Thanks to Arek Dreyer for
	    providing this.

	    Fix link error when including Dbus but excluding DHCP. 
	    Thanks to Oschtan for the bug report.

            Updated French translation. Thanks to Gildas Le Nadan.
            Updated Polish translation. Thanks to Jan Psota.

	    Updated Spanish translation. Thanks to Chris Chatham.

	    Fixed confusion about domains, when looking up DHCP hosts
	    in /etc/hosts. This could cause spurious "Ignoring
	    domain..." messages. Thanks to Fedor Kozhevnikov for
	    finding and analysing the problem.

version 2.51
            Add support for internationalised DNS. Non-ASCII characters
            in domain names found in /etc/hosts, /etc/ethers and 
	    /etc/dnsmasq.conf will be correctly handled by translation to
            punycode, as specified in RFC3490. This function is only
            available if dnsmasq is compiled with internationalisation
            support, and adds a dependency on GNU libidn. Without i18n
            support, dnsmasq continues to be compilable with just
            standard tools. Thanks to Yves Dorfsman for the

            Add two more environment variables for lease-change scripts:
	    First, DNSMASQ_SUPPLIED_HOSTNAME; this is set to the hostname
	    supplied by a client, even if the actual hostname used is
	    over-ridden by dhcp-host or dhcp-ignore-names directives.
	    Also DNSMASQ_RELAY_ADDRESS which gives the address of 
            a DHCP relay, if used.
	    Suggestions from Michael Rack.

	    Fix regression which broke echo of relay-agent
	    options. Thanks to Michael Rack for spotting this.
            Don't treat option 67 as being interchangeable with
            dhcp-boot parameters if it's specified as

	    Make the code to call scripts on lease-change compile-time
	    optional. It can be switched off by editing src/config.h
	    or building with "make COPTS=-DNO_SCRIPT".
	    Make the TFTP server cope with filenames from Windows/DOS
	    which use '\' as pathname separator. Thanks to Ralf for
	    the patch.

	    Updated Polish translation. Thanks to Jan Psota.
	    Warn if an IP address is duplicated in /etc/ethers. Thanks
	    to Felix Schwarz for pointing this out.

	    Teach --conf-dir to take an option list of file suffices
	    which will be ignored when scanning the directory. Useful
	    for backup files etc. Thanks to Helmut Hullen for the

	    Add new DHCP option named tftpserver-address, which
	    corresponds to the third argument of dhcp-boot. This
	    allows the complete functionality of dhcp-boot to be
	    replicated with dhcp-option. Useful when using 

	    Test which upstream nameserver to use every 10 seconds
            or 50 queries and not just when a query times out and 
            is retried. This should improve performance when there
            is a slow nameserver in the list. Thanks to Joe for the

	    Don't do any PXE processing, even for clients with the 
	    correct vendorclass, unless at least one pxe-prompt or 
            pxe-service option is given. This stops dnsmasq 
            interfering with proxy PXE subsystems when it is just 
            the DHCP server. Thanks to Spencer Clark for spotting this.

	    Limit the blocksize used for TFTP transfers to a value
	    which avoids packet fragmentation, based on the MTU of the
	    local interface. Many netboot ROMs can't cope with
	    fragmented packets.

	    Honour dhcp-ignore configuration for PXE and proxy-PXE 
	    requests. Thanks to Niels Basjes for the bug report.

            Updated French translation. Thanks to Gildas Le Nadan.

version 2.50
	    Fix security problem which allowed any host permitted to 
            do TFTP to possibly compromise dnsmasq by remote buffer 
            overflow when TFTP enabled. Thanks to Core Security 
	    Technologies and Iván Arce, Pablo Hernán Jorge, Alejandro 
	    Pablo Rodriguez, Martín Coco, Alberto Soliño Testa and
	    Pablo Annetta. This problem has Bugtraq id: 36121 
            and CVE: 2009-2957

            Fix a problem which allowed a malicious TFTP client to 
            crash dnsmasq. Thanks to Steve Grubb at Red Hat for 
            spotting this. This problem has Bugtraq id: 36120 and 
            CVE: 2009-2958

version 2.49
            Fix regression in 2.48 which disables the lease-change
            script. Thanks to Jose Luis Duran for spotting this.

	    Log TFTP "file not found" errors. These were not logged,
	    since a normal PXELinux boot generates many of them, but
	    the lack of the messages seems to be more confusing than
	    routinely seeing them when there is no real error.

	    Update Spanish translation. Thanks to Chris Chatham.

version 2.48
            Archived the extensive, backwards, changelog to
            CHANGELOG.archive. The current changelog now runs from
            version 2.43 and runs conventionally.

	    Fixed bug which broke binding of servers to physical
	    interfaces when interface names were longer than four
	    characters. Thanks to MURASE Katsunori for the patch.

	    Fixed netlink code to check that messages come from the
	    correct source, and not another userspace process. Thanks
	    to Steve Grubb for the patch.

	    Maintainability drive: removed bug and missing feature
	    workarounds for some old platforms. Solaris 9, OpenBSD
	    older than 4.1, Glibc older than 2.2, Linux 2.2.x and 
            DBus older than 1.1.x are no longer supported. 

	    Don't read included configuration files more than once:
	    allows complex configuration structures without problems.

	    Mark log messages from the various subsystems in dnsmasq:
	    messages from the DHCP subsystem now have the ident string
	    "dnsmasq-dhcp" and messages from TFTP have ident
	    "dnsmasq-tftp". Thanks to Olaf Westrik for the patch.

	    Fix possible infinite DHCP protocol loop when an IP
	    address nailed to a hostname (not a MAC address)  and a 
	    host sometimes provides the name, sometimes not.

	    Allow --addn-hosts to take a directory: all the files 
	    in the directory are read. Thanks to Phil Cornelius for 
	    the suggestion. 

	    Support --bridge-interface on all platforms, not just BSD.
            Added support for advanced PXE functions. It's now
            possible to define a prompt and menu options which will
            be displayed when a client PXE boots. It's also possible to
            hand-off booting to other boot servers. Proxy-DHCP, where
            dnsmasq just supplies the PXE information and another DHCP
            server does address allocation, is also allowed. See the
            --pxe-prompt and --pxe-service keywords. Thanks to 
	    Alkis Georgopoulos for the suggestion and Guilherme Moro
            and Michael Brown for assistance.

	    Improvements to DHCP logging. Thanks to Tom Metro for
	    useful suggestions.
	    Add ability to build dnsmasq without DHCP support. To do
	    this, edit src/config.h or build with
	    "make COPTS=-DNO_DHCP". Thanks to Mahavir Jain for the patch. 
	    Added --test command-line switch - syntax check
	    configuration files only.
            Updated French translation. Thanks to Gildas Le Nadan.

version 2.47
	    Updated French translation. Thanks to Gildas Le Nadan.

	    Fixed interface enumeration code to work on NetBSD
	    5.0. Thanks to Roy Marples for the patch. 

	    Updated config.h to use the same location for the lease
	    file on NetBSD as the other *BSD variants. Also allow
	    LEASEFILE and CONFFILE symbols to be overriden in CFLAGS.  

            Handle duplicate address detection on IPv6 more
            intelligently. In IPv6, an interface can have an address
            which is not usable, because it is still undergoing DAD
            (such addresses are marked "tentative"). Attempting to
            bind to an address in this state returns an error,
            EADDRNOTAVAIL. Previously, on getting such an error,
            dnsmasq would silently abandon the address, and never
            listen on it. Now, it retries once per second for 20
            seconds before generating a fatal error. 20 seconds should
            be long enough for any DAD process to complete, but can be
            adjusted in src/config.h if necessary. Thanks to Martin
            Krafft for the bug report.

	    Add DBus introspection. Patch from Jeremy Laine.

	    Update Dbus configuration file. Patch from Colin Walters.
	    Fix for this bug:

	    Support arbitrarily encapsulated DHCP options, suggestion
	    and initial patch from Samium Gromoff. This is useful for
	    (eg) gPXE, which expect all its private options to be
	    encapsulated inside a single option 175. So, eg, 

            dhcp-option = encap:175, 190, "iscsi-client0"
            dhcp-option = encap:175, 191, "iscsi-client0-secret"
	    will provide iSCSI parameters to gPXE.

	    Enhance --dhcp-match to allow testing of the contents of a
	    client-sent option, as well as its presence. This
	    application in mind for this is RFC 4578
	    client-architecture specifiers, but it's generally useful.
	    Joey Korkames suggested the enhancement. 

	    Move from using the IP_XMIT_IF ioctl to IP_BOUND_IF on
	    OpenSolaris. Thanks to Bastian Machek for the heads-up.

	    No longer complain about blank lines in
	    /etc/ethers. Thanks to Jon Nelson for the patch.

	    Fix binding of servers to physical devices, eg
	    --server=/domain/[email protected] which was broken from 2.43
	    onwards unless --query-port=0 set. Thanks to Peter Naulls
	    for the bug report.

	    Reply to DHCPINFORM requests even when the supplied ciaddr
	    doesn't fall in any dhcp-range. In this case it's not
	    possible to supply a complete configuration, but
	    individually-configured options (eg PAC) may be useful.

	    Allow the source address of an alias to be a range:
	    --alias=,, maps the whole
	    subnet> to>,
	    as before.
	    maps only the> region. Thanks to
	    Ib Uhrskov for the suggestion.

	    Don't dynamically allocate DHCP addresses which may break
	    Windows.  Addresses which end in .255 or .0 are broken in
	    Windows even when using supernetting.
	    --dhcp-range=,,255,255,254.0 means is a valid IP address, but not for Windows. 
	    See Microsoft KB281579. We therefore no longer allocate 
	    these addresses to avoid hard-to-diagnose problems. 

	    Update Polish translation. Thanks to Jan Psota.

	    Delete the PID-file when dnsmasq shuts down. Note that by
	    this time, dnsmasq is normally not running as root, so
	    this will fail if the PID-file is stored in a root-owned
	    directory; such failure is silently ignored. To take
	    advantage of this feature, the PID-file must be stored in a
	    directory owned and write-able by the user running

version 2.46
	    Allow --bootp-dynamic to take a netid tag, so that it may
	    be selectively enabled. Thanks to Olaf Westrik for the

	    Remove ISC-leasefile reading code. This has been
	    deprecated for a long time, and last time I removed it, it
	    ended up going back by request of one user. This time,
	    it's gone for good; otherwise it would need to be
	    re-worked to support multiple domains (see below).

	    Support DHCP clients in multiple DNS domains. This is a
	    long-standing request. Clients are assigned to a domain
	    based in their IP address.  

            Add --dhcp-fqdn flag, which changes behaviour if DNS names
            assigned to DHCP clients. When this is set, there must be
            a domain associated with each client, and only
            fully-qualified domain names are added to the DNS. The
            advantage is that the only the FQDN needs to be unique,
            so that two or more DHCP clients can share a hostname, as
            long as they are in different domains.

	    Set environment variable DNSMASQ_DOMAIN when invoking
	    lease-change script. This may be useful information to
	    have now that it's variable.

	    Tighten up data-checking code for DNS packet
	    handling. Thanks to Steve Dodd who found certain illegal
	    packets which could crash dnsmasq. No memory overwrite was
	    possible, so this is not a security issue beyond the DoS

	    Update example config dhcp option 47, the previous
	    suggestion generated an illegal, zero-length,
	    option. Thanks to Matthias Andree for finding this.

	    Rewrite hosts-file reading code to remove the limit of
	    1024 characters per line. John C Meuser found this.

	    Create a net-id tag with the name of the interface on
	    which the DHCP request was received.

	    Fixed minor memory leak in DBus code, thanks to Jeremy
	    Laine for the patch.

	    Emit DBus signals as the DHCP lease database
	    changes. Thanks to Jeremy Laine for the patch.

	    Allow for more that one MAC address in a dhcp-host
	    line. This configuration tells dnsmasq that it's OK to
	    abandon a DHCP lease of the fixed address to one MAC
	    address, if another MAC address in the dhcp-host statement 
	    asks for an address. This is useful to give a fixed
	    address to a host which has two network interfaces
	    (say, a laptop with wired and wireless interfaces.) 
            It's very important to ensure that only one interface 
	    at a time is up, since dnsmasq abandons the first lease 
	    and re-uses the address before the leased time has
	    elapsed. John Gray suggested this.

	    Tweak the response to a DHCP request packet with a wrong
	    server-id when --dhcp-authoritative is set; dnsmasq now
	    returns a DHCPNAK, rather than silently ignoring the
	    packet. Thanks to Chris Marget for spotting this

	    Add --cname option. This provides a limited alias
	    function, usable for DHCP names. Thanks to AJ Weber for
	    suggestions on this.

	    Updated contrib/webmin with latest version from Neil

	    Updated Polish translation. Thanks to Jan Psota.
	    Correct the text names for DHCP options 64 and 65 to be
	    "nis+-domain" and "nis+-servers".

	    Updated Spanish translation. Thanks to Chris Chatham.

	    Force re-reading of /etc/resolv.conf when an "interface
	    up" event occurs.

version 2.45
            Fix total DNS failure in release 2.44 unless --min-port 
            specified. Thanks to Steven Barth and Grant Coady for
            bugreport. Also reject out-of-range port spec, which could
            break things too: suggestion from Gilles Espinasse.

version 2.44
            Fix  crash when unknown client attempts to renew a DHCP
            lease, problem introduced in version 2.43. Thanks to
            Carlos Carvalho for help chasing this down.

	    Fix potential crash when a host which doesn't have a lease
	    does DHCPINFORM. Again introduced in 2.43. This bug has
	    never been reported in the wild.

            Fix crash in netlink code introduced in 2.43. Thanks to
            Jean Wolter for finding this.

	    Change implementation of min_port to work even if min-port
	    is large.

	    Patch to enable compilation of latest Mac OS X. Thanks to
	    David Gilman.

	    Update Spanish translation. Thanks to Christopher Chatham.

version 2.43
	    Updated Polish translation. Thanks to Jan Psota.

	    Flag errors when configuration options are repeated

	    Further tweaks for GNU/kFreeBSD

	    Add --no-wrap to msgmerge call - provides nicer .po file

	    Honour lease-time spec in dhcp-host lines even for
	    BOOTP. The user is assumed to known what they are doing in
	    this case. (Hosts without the time spec still get infinite
	    leases for BOOTP, over-riding the default in the
	    dhcp-range.) Thanks to Peter Katzmann for uncovering this.

	    Fix problem matching relay-agent ids. Thanks to Michael
	    Rack for the bug report.

	    Add --naptr-record option. Suggestion from Johan

	    Implement RFC 5107 server-id-override DHCP relay agent

	    Apply patches from Stefan Kruger for compilation on
	    Solaris 10 under Sun studio.

	    Yet more tweaking of Linux capability code, to suppress
	    pointless wingeing from kernel 2.6.25 and above.

	    Improve error checking during startup. Previously, some
	    errors which occurred during startup would be worked
	    around, with dnsmasq still starting up. Some were logged,
            some silent. Now, they all cause a fatal error and dnsmasq 
            terminates with a non-zero exit code. The errors are those
            associated with changing uid and gid, setting process 
            capabilities and writing the pidfile. Thanks to Uwe
	    Gansert and the Suse security team for pointing out 
	    this improvement, and Bill Reimers for good implementation

	    Provide NO_LARGEFILE compile option to switch off largefile
	    support when compiling against versions of uclibc which
	    don't support it. Thanks to Stephane Billiart for the patch.
            Implement random source ports for interactions with
            upstream nameservers. New spoofing attacks have been found
            against nameservers which do not do this, though it is not
            clear if dnsmasq is vulnerable, since to doesn't implement
            recursion. By default dnsmasq will now use a different
            source port (and socket) for each query it sends
            upstream. This behaviour can suppressed using the
            --query-port option, and the old default behaviour
            restored using --query-port=0. Explicit source-port
            specifications in --server configs are still honoured.

	    Replace the random number generator, for better
	    security. On most BSD systems, dnsmasq uses the
	    arc4random() RNG, which is secure, but on other platforms,
	    it relied on the C-library RNG, which may be
	    guessable and therefore allow spoofing. This release
	    replaces the libc RNG with the SURF RNG, from Daniel
	    J. Berstein's DJBDNS package.  

	    Don't attempt to change user or group or set capabilities
	    if dnsmasq is run as a non-root user. Without this, the
	    change from soft to hard errors when these fail causes
	    problems for non-root daemons listening on high
	    ports. Thanks to Patrick McLean for spotting this.

	    Updated French translation. Thanks to Gildas Le Nadan.

version 2.42
            The changelog for version 2.42 and earlier is 
            available in CHANGELOG.archive.