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add port-build empty target for case when no ports selected to build.
author Aleksandr Rybalko <>
date Tue, 27 Nov 2012 16:03:20 +0200
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Two ways to build



It will display menu:

Device		Select the target device
BaseProfile	Select base profile
Profiles	Select profiles to build
Paths		Set the paths of sources and build obje
Save		Save build profile
Load		Load build profile
Build		Build ZRouter !

* Device		Select the target device
Here you can select device for which to build firmware

* BaseProfile	Select base profile
Select base profile, which have basic set of tools (init, sh, ls, etc.) to
start box.

* Profiles	Select profiles to build
Additional profiles, like firewall you want (ipfw or pf), IPSec tools, ppp or
mpd to be able connect to 3G networks, ISP with PPPoE service, etc.

* Paths		Set the paths of sources and build objects
Since so many items still not in FreeBSD source tree, we need to use own tree,
so here you need to set path to it tree copy.

* Save		Save build profile
Save things that you already configure with this menu.

* Load		Load build profile
Load previously configured and saved variables.

* Build		Build ZRouter !
Run build.



replace ${FREEBSD_SRC_TREE} with path to copy of FreeBSD tree.
replace D-Link/DIR-615-E4 with device for which you want to build FirmWare.
List of devices you can get by: