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Update mktplinkfw to handle more boards
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Checklist for spinning a new release

1. Use "cvs diff -u -r RELEASE_X_XX" to review all changes
   since the previous list. Make sure all non-trivial changes
   are noted in the documentation (changes.sgml).

2. Edit src/Makefile and update the VERSION= line if it hasn't
   already been updated to the next version.

3. Use "cvs update" to ensure you have checked in all local changes.

4. Use "cvs tag -cR RELEASE_X_XY" to put a tag for the new release.

4. In the top level directory:

	make distclean

5. Submit the resulting two files to the ports maintainer:

	mpd-x.xy.tar.gz		Distribution file
	port.tgz		Updated port

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