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Update mktplinkfw to handle more boards
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date Fri, 08 Jan 2016 23:53:34 +0200
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2007-11-16  Corey Minyard <[email protected]>

	* Move to version 2.5.

2007-11-16  Harry Flick, Corey Minyard <[email protected]>

	* devcfg.c, devcfg.h, dataxfer.c, ser2net.conf, ser2net.8: Allow a
	"NOBREAK" option to disable automatically messing with the break
	operations on the serial port.  Useful for systems with a broken

2007-11-16  Robert Edmonds <[email protected]>,Corey Minyard <[email protected]>
	* ser2net.c, ser2net.8: Add a '-P' option to specific that a
	pidfile be created.

2007-05-03  Corey Minyard <[email protected]>

	* dataxfer.c: Change the rfc2217 signature response code
	from 0 to 100.  Best guess on what this should be, as the
	RFC doesn't give the correct value and says "text".

2007-04-26  Corey Minyard <[email protected]>

	* dataxfer.c: Disable the Nagle algorithm (enable TCP_NODELAY) on
	the TCP ports to avoid long delays on short pieces of data.

	* Move to version 2.4.

2007-03-19  Corey Minyard <[email protected]>

	* dataxfer.c: Use the proper value for modem data notifies sent
	to the client, it was 7, use 107 instead.

2006-12-01  Corey Minyard <[email protected]>

	* readconfig.c: Handle an ending banner that does not have a '\n'
	in the last line.

2006-01-16  Corey Minyard <[email protected]>

	* ser2net.8: Fix the documentation for control ports.

2006-01-09  Corey Minyard <[email protected]>

	* dataxfer.c: Don't kill the session if TIOCCBRK doesn't work.

2005-12-29  Corey Minyard <[email protected]>

	* dataxfer.c, devcfg.c, devcfg.h, ser2net.conf, ser2net.8: Added a
	'\s' banner token for printing out the serial parameters.

	* ser2net.conf: Cleaned up the ugly banner3.

	* Add ser2net.init to EXTRA_DIST.

	* Move to version 2.3.

2005-12-29  Aurelien Jarno <[email protected]>	
	* devcfg.c: Don't include "termio.h", but do include

2005-10-20  Corey Minyard <[email protected]>

	* dataxfer.c: Fixed a problem with rfc2217 stop bit size setting.
	It was interpreting the value of "3" as 2 stop bits, but 3 is for
	1.5 stop bits, and 2 is for 2 stop bits.

	* controller.c: Fixed some warnings dealing with char/unsigned
	char problems.
	* dataxfer.c: ditto
	* telnet.c: ditto

2005-08-25  Corey Minyard <[email protected]>

	* dataxfer.c: Fix a problem wih EAGAIN just returning and not
	retrying the operation on writing data that has just been read.
	Thanks to Shinlun Hsieh <[email protected]> for pointing this out.

2005-07-07  G Goodwill <ggg2sforge at>

	* dataxfer.c, devcfg.c: Added support for cygwin.

2005-07-07  Rajiv Aaron Manglani <rajav at>

	* Make the use of tcp wrappers optional.
2005-06-13  Yura Kalinichenko <[email protected]>

	* controller.c, devcfg.c, ser2net.8, ser2net.conf: Added 57600
	baud support.

	* dataxfer.c: Don't to breaks on printer lines.

2005-02-12  Corey Minyard <[email protected]>

	* Move to version 2.2.

2005-02-11  Corey Minyard <[email protected]>

	* dataxfer.c: Add a missing break statement after case 7
	in the com_port_handler() function.

2004-11-29  Corey Minyard <[email protected]>

	* dataxfer.c: Remove UUCP lock if the setup of the device fails.

2004-05-08  Marc Haber

	* ser2net.h: Set the man page section to the right value.

2004-01-24  Corey Minyard <[email protected]>

	* dataxfer.c: Don't attempt to disconnect an unconnected port.

2003-12-20  Corey Minyard <[email protected]>

	* dataxfer.c, ser2net.8: Added the ability to have port 0 mean use
	standard in/out.  This way, you can invoke ser2net from inetd.

	* devcfg.c: Allow "," to be used as an option separator.

	* readconfig.c: Fix handling of lines coming from "-C".

	* ser2net.c: Move creation of the selector to before the option
	processing, for support of "-C'.

2003-12-19  Corey Minyard <[email protected]>

	* dataxfer.c: Handle receive IACs from the terminal to the TCP
	port, duplicating them so they will come through right.

	* telnet.c: Reset the telnet protocol state after two IACs are

	* readconfig.c, readconfig.h, ser2net.c, ser2net.8: Added a way to
	specify individual config lines on the command line so that no
	config file is necessary.

2003-12-04  Corey Minyard <[email protected]>

	* dataxfer.c: Add responses for all the telnet com port
	control commands that we handle.

	* telnet.c: Fixed IAC processing in suboption to be able
	to handle a stream of IACs properly.

2003-12-04  Corey Minyard <[email protected]>

	* Moved to version 2.1.

	* dataxfer.c: Have the telnet option responses use the 1xx
	responses to the com port control options.  I believe this is
	wrong, but it is consistent with other products already in the

	* dataxfer.c, ser2net.c, telnet.h: Added support for setting the
	use of Cisco IOS baud rates instead of RFC 2217 ones, by command

	* selector.c, ser2net.c: Cleaned up some compile warnings.
2003-10-14  Corey Minyard <[email protected]>

	* Moved to version 2.0.

	* datafer.c, devcfg.c, devcfg.h, readconfig.c, utils.h: Added
	banner support.
	* ser2net.h, ser2net.conf: Added documentation for banner support.
	* dataxfer.c, telnet.c, telnet.h: Created a more generic telnet
	command handler and split it off from dataxfer.c

	* controller.c: Moved to the new telnet command handler.

	* dataxfer.c: Added watching the CD, RI, etc. lines.
2003-10-13  Corey Minyard <[email protected]>

	* dataxfer.c: Added a lot of the com port control handling.

2003-10-12  Corey Minyard <[email protected]>

	* dataxfer.c: Added real telnet option processing infrastructure,
	getting read for com port control handling.

2003-04-22  Corey Minyard <[email protected]>

	*, ser2net.spec: Move to version 1.9.

	* selector.c: Turned off debugging code that accidentally got left

2003-02-14  Corey Minyard <[email protected]>

	*, ser2net.spec: Move to version 1.8.

	* dataxfer.c: Do a tcflush(fd, TCOFLUSH) before closing the
	serial device, this avoids blocking on close.

2002-11-29  Corey Minyard <[email protected]>

	* selector.c: More timer heap bugs.

2002-10-01  Corey Minyard <[email protected]>

	* selector.c: Fixed bugs in the timer heaps.

2002-09-23  Corey Minyard <[email protected]>

	* selector.c: Fixed a bug in the timer heaps.

2002-09-09  Corey Minyard <[email protected]>

	* all: Reworked the selector code to make timers more general.

2002-07-24  Corey Minyard <[email protected]>

	* dataxfer.c: Fixed a bug with handling config errors, when
	an error occurs in the wrong place it will segv.

2002-04-04  Corey Minyard <[email protected]>

	* util.c: added the final return value to scan_tcp_port.

2002-02-20  Corey Minyard <[email protected]>

	* controller.c, dataxfer.c, dataxfer.h, ser2net.8:
	Added a "short" display, where each port is shown on one line.

	* dataxfer.c, dataxfer.h, readconfig.c, selector.c, selector.h,
	ser2net.8, ser2net.c:
	Added the ability to reread the configuration file on a SIGHUP.

	*, ser2net.spec: Moved to version 1.6
2002-02-20  Przemyslaw Czerpak ([email protected]),
	Corey Minyard <[email protected]>

	* dataxfer.c, dataxfer.h,, ser2net.c, ser2net.8:
	Added UUCP-style locking for ports.

2002-02-19  Corey Minyard <[email protected]>

	* controller.c, controller.h, dataxfer.c, devcfg.c, ser2net.c,
	ser2net.conf, ser2net.8, utils.c utils.h:
	Added support for specifying the IP address with the port to
	bind to specific interfaces.

	* dataxfer.c: Added counting the input and output bytes.

2002-02-19  Przemyslaw Czerpak ([email protected])

	* controller.c, dataxfer.c, devcfg.c, ser2net.c, ser2net.conf,
	Added support for turning on/off RTS/CTS, XON/XOFF, and LOCAL.
	Also added support for raw LP devices.

2001-10-05  Przemyslaw Czerpak ([email protected])

	* controller.c, dataxfer.c, devcfg.c, ser2net.init, ser2net.spec:
	Added an init, and cleaned up a bunch of type warnings.

	* devcfg.c, ser2net.8, ser2net.conf: Added support for RTS/CTS.

2001-08-11  Corey Minyard <[email protected]>

	* devcfg.h, devcfg.c, controller.c, dataxfer.c, dataxfer.h, ser2net.8:
	Ben Adams sent a patch to control the DTR and RTS lines, I rewrote
	it to make a new command to do this (instead of using devconfig,
	which didn't really match the devconfig's operation).

	*, ser2net.spec: Updated to version 1.5

2001-07-26  Corey Minyard <[email protected]>

	* devcfg.c - Added CREAD to the cflags so the serial port will
	work, patch from Andreas Pfaller.

	* dataxfer.c - Added binary transmission to the list of telnet
	opeions, again from Andreas Pfaller.

2001-07-23  Corey Minyard <[email protected]>

	* devcfg.c, ser2net.8, ser2net.conf  - Added a patch from Martin
	Boese to add CLOCAL and XON/XOFF support as serial port options.

2001-07-03  Corey Minyard <[email protected]>
	*, ser2net.1, ser2net.8, ser2net.spec - Moved ser2net
	to /usr/sbin, renamed the makefile to have a .8 extension and
	put it in /usr/share/man.

	* controller.c - Fixed problems with telnet handling in the
	control interface.
	* Updated to version 1.4
2001-06-29  Corey Minyard <[email protected]>

	* ser2net.spec - Actually put the changed version number in
	the file, set the prefix to '/usr'.

	* - Added libnsl for Redhat systems, changed

	* all - changed to version 1.3.

2001-06-28  Corey Minyard <[email protected]>

	* dataxfer.c - Added the ability to convert a telnet break
	to a serial port break.

	* - Updated to version 1.3

	* ser2net.spec - Added this file for RPM building, from Ivan
	Francolin Martinez.

	* dataxfer.c - Added a tcp_wrappers implementation, from Ivan
	Francolin Martinez.  However, some configure work needs to
	be done to make it actually work properly.

	* dataxfer.c, controller.c,, ser2net.1 - Fixed the
	tcp_wrappers stuff to work properly, did the config stuff for it,
	and added it to the control port as well.

2001-06-15  Corey Minyard <[email protected]>
	* controller.c - Made sure the monitor port was set to null
	when the port exited.

	* ser2net.c, ser2net.1 - Added a "-d" option to send debug
	output to the console and modified "-n" to just not detach.
2001-06-05  Corey Minyard <[email protected]>

	* ser2net.c, controller.c - added a way to query the version from
	the command line and from the controller port.

	* controller.c, controller.h, dataxfer.c, dataxfer.h - added
	monitoring of data flowing into a port.  It's somewhat primitive
	yet, but still useful

	* controller.c, dataxfer.c, dataxfer.h - added a way to disconnect
	a port from the control port.

2001-06-04  Corey Minyard <[email protected]>

	* Initial creation.