zconf++ wiki


The goals for zconf++ are :

  • lightweight: Must be relatively small and have low memory footprint
  • extensible: Must be easily etended by linking in additional functionality into the binary (or as loaded modules)
  • object model: Provide a common object model and storage framework for direct interfacing over http/json
  • work: It must actually work :)


  • http layer is running
  • draft extensions are created for arp table and network interfaces (read only)
  • basic object model / tree is done
  • json reader / writer is added
  • actions can be registered in tree and called using http/json

TODO (incomplete)

  • Implement events in object model
  • Allow http response to be delayed (async)
  • Sample http / javascript ui using ExtJS
  • Much much more


If you are interested in this project please contact nicolai at petri dot dk or join us on IRC #zrouter @ efnet. You are also welcome to join the zrouter maillinglists. We might create a mailing list for zconf++ discussion if interest picks up.