Boot process

Variables source

rc system use three sources by default:

  1. /etc/defaults/rc.conf
  2. /etc/rc.conf
  3. /etc/rc.conf.local

Since we need some dynamic bits, like auto-generated configs for services (wireless/dhcp/etc), we need to inject it between default and user defined, so:

  1. /etc/defaults/rc.conf
  2. /var/run/rc.conf
  3. /etc/rc.conf
  4. /etc/rc.conf.local

that will allow user to override any bits defined by automatic startup configuration system.
(Use /var/run/ to not store it on flash when /etc/rc.saveconfig is called)

Boot order

  1. /etc/rc.d/boardinfo
  2. /etc/rc.d/ADAPTATION
  3. /etc/rc.d/MAIN
  4. todo