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Eric Krausser, 01/17/2012 12:51 AM
Customize the build with Makefile.local.opts

Howto build

Fetch sources

Check out the ZRouter source code with Mercurial hg or by fetching the latest ZRouter sources (as zip)

For this tutorial we expect you check out / unpack the sources to /projects/ZRouter/zrouter.

For now you also need our patched FreeBSD sources. We work on getting this patches back to official FreeBSD-HEAD, so one day this step will be obsolete.

Get it via Mercurial or by fetching ZRouter's patched FreeBSD sources

For this tutorial we expect you check out / unpack the modified FreeBSD sources to /projects/ZRouter/FreeBSD.


For this tutorial we expect you want to build a firmware for a device from vendor D-Link, the model is DIR-320 (see Supported devices).

As root do:

cd /projects/ZRouter/zrouter
make FREEBSD_SRC_TREE=/projects/ZRouter/FreeBSD/head TARGET_PAIR=D-Link/DIR-320

Customize the build

You can create the file Makefile.local.opts in your ZRouter's home with predefined variables, so you can skip to specify them with every make run:

e.g. /projects/ZRouter/zrouter/Makefile.local.opts


# override default /usr/obj


Now just run make.