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Eric Krausser, 01/01/2012 11:10 PM
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Howto flash

If you are aware of OpenWRT or DD-WRT: initial flashing of a ZRouter firmware will be done the same way.

A lot of our work / knowledge is based on the information on their websites. So it's always a good idea to visit and if our pages suffer information about board details, bootloader tips, flashing tutorials and so on. We thank OpenWRT and DD-WRT for sharing this information and we hope they will benefit from our work as we do.

Flashing depends on board type and it's bootloader. In most cases you have to read board specific instructions which you will hopefully find in zrouter board definitions, in this wiki or on OpenWRT / DD-WRT.


  • before you open your device be sure you can successfully build a ZRouter firmware for it
  • create a serial connection between your workstation and your device (mostly you have to open it and you need a special converter in hardware)
  • start an TFTP service in your LAN or on your workstation, the operating system doesn't matter
  • connect the ethernet port of your device (if it's a router it's mostly the WAN port) with your switch or workstation, so it can link to the TFTP server