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Eric Krausser, 01/03/2012 07:23 PM
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Partition layout

In your board definition (board.hints) you need to define a kind of partition table. Here you give ranges in flash memory predefined names.

ZRouter expects to find these geom_map names:

kernel start address could be where bootloader ends, end address can be detected automatically if you define a searchkey
rootfs start address could be where kernel ends, so you can usually use the same searchkey as before
config size depends on flash size, e.g. 0x00200000 bytes (2MB)
upgrade use start from 'kernel' and end from 'rootfs', so these partitions are covered at once

This geom_maps have to be defined by every board itself, because the boards use different areas in flash to store bootloader and data for wireless initialization.

TODO: example, geom_map manpage