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h1. QuickStart

Quickstart guide

h2. Creating
to creating a ZRouter build environment.

This should probably be done within a Jail.

At First, this Requires you have [[hg]]/mercurial installed:

* From FreeBSD ports:
# cd /usr/ports/devel/mercurial
# make install clean
* *OR* From FreeBSD packages:
# pkg_add -r mercurial (or # pkg install mercurial)

# Create a path set aside for ZRouter build.
<pre># mkdir -p ZRouter/</pre>
# Enter directory:
<pre># cd ZRouter</pre>
# Checkout/clone ZRouter Project
<pre># hg clone</pre>
# Checkout/clone Current compatible FreeBSD source:
<pre># hg clone FreeBSD</pre>
# Begin ZRouter Build Menu
<pre># ./</pre>

h2. Entering ./


# Select your target device (example D-Link DIR-632):
# Select Base Profile. That's two choise:
- Small - size firmware > 4 MB (if your ROM more than 4 MB)
- Extra small - size firmware <= 4MB (if your ROM less than 4 MB)
# At "Profiles" select package that included firmware:
# Last that must to do - select paths of source and build object:
- Path of FreeBSD/head
- Path of objects (temporary direcroty where will be compilate your firmware)
Then go back to main menu:
# You can save your selection to "Build Profile" for future use (file will be created at "./Zrouter/zrouter/build_profiles/" ):
# You can load your Build Profile if you save it early:
# Now select to "Build" and you see all your choices:
Answer "yes" and firmware will begining.

h2. "Flash your firmware":