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Nicolai Petri, 08/10/2011 05:31 PM
Head branch is moved :)


.. todo

  1. install uboot_mkimage (required for devices which use U-Boot bootloader) (see Installing uboot_mkimage)
  2. somewhere in your home do `mkdir -p ZRouter/`
  3. cd ZRouter
  4. hg clone (that step made a copy of ZRouter project in zrouter subdir)
  5. hg clone
  6. fix one of RUN_*.sh scripts to correct location of FreeBSD source tree (to full path of ZRouter/FreeBSD/head/ dir)
  7. Now just run your fixed script

Script names DIR-620 image DIR-620 only kernel DIR-620 IPSec image DIR-620 IPSec only kernel DIR-632 image DIR-632 only kernel image NQ-900 image Soekris 4501 image