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Oleksandr Rybalko, 08/17/2011 10:09 PM

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h1. ZRouter introduction for media
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ZRouter[.org] project started at November 2010. We want to make FreeBSD based firmware for SOHO routers/AP's/NAS's/etc.
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Many peoples like FreeBSD, and many peoples do not like to use "damaged" Linux or even WinCE on devices surrounding us. We already know several good projects, like OpenWRT, DD-WRT, etc., that make possible to run fully open source and more clean versions of Linux, but we don't know projects able to run FreeBSD on such small boxes. From another point of view we know very good project called FreeNAS, but FreeNAS can't serve LAN/WLAN clients having only 4-8MB of flash drive.
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Main project goals:
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# *Small size*, to fit into flash devices with sizes from 2 to 16 MBytes.
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# User interface must be *user friendly*, and must have "ideal" default values. So even newbie in networking will be able to setup his net.
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# ... TODO ...