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h1. Howto build

h2. Fetch sources

Check out the ZRouter source code with Mercurial hg or by fetching "the latest ZRouter sources": ("as zip":

For this tutorial we expect you check out / unpack the sources to @/projects/ZRouter/zrouter@.

For now you also need our patched FreeBSD sources. We work on getting this patches back to official FreeBSD-HEAD, so one day this step will be obsolete.

Get it via Mercurial or by fetching "ZRouter's patched FreeBSD sources":

For this tutorial we expect you check out / unpack the modified FreeBSD sources to @/projects/ZRouter/FreeBSD@.

h2. Build

For this tutorial we expect you want to build a firmware for a device from vendor D-Link, the model is DIR-320 (see [[Supported devices]]).

As root do:
cd /projects/ZRouter/zrouter
make FREEBSD_SRC_TREE=/projects/ZRouter/FreeBSD/head TARGET_PAIR=D-Link/DIR-320

h2. Customize the build

You can create the file _Makefile.local.opts_ in your ZRouter's home with predefined variables, so you can skip to specify them with every make run:

e.g. /projects/ZRouter/zrouter/Makefile.local.opts

# override default /usr/obj


Now just run @make@.
If you want to have ability to override that variable, assign it with *?=*,
this will allow you to set variable at @make@(1) command line.

For example, very useful to have TARGET_PAIR override-able, then you
will be able build image for different devices by call @make@(1) with
additional variable TARGET_PAIR=other/device. So place into
Makefile.local.opts following line:
and now if you run @make@(1) w/o variables you will have image for D-Link DIR-320.
But if you run @make TARGET_PAIR?=D-Link/DIR-620@, you will have image for DIR-620.